I2K 2022

From Images to Knowledge - 2022


Workshops that are being held ‘live’ are concurrently scheduled between 7 am - 9 am or 3 pm - 5 pm US Central time, please see our Zoom Events page for specific start times.

Pre-recorded workshops will have scheduled 20 minute Q&A sessions in GatherTown beginning at 10:40 am and 12:40 pmCentral time, and the link to view their workshop recording will be made available as soon as possible in the spreadsheet below or here.

Each record can be viewed in full by clicking on the expansion arrows in the first cell in the far-left column. The spreadsheet below can also be downloaded; however, the data is continually being updated so check here for the current information.

Please reach out to i2kconference@gmail.com if you have any questions

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